Simple things that are helping me get through the day


A cup of tea at night after the kids go to bed. A friend of mine told me months ago how she and her husband started enjoying tea in the evening and I stole the idea right from her. The ritual really is nice and calming. Now if I can just fine the perfect decaf tea (currently drinking vanilla Sleepytime or Numi Honeybush). And if a magical fairy would take my dirty tea cup into the kitchen and wash it, that would also be incredible.

Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. This book is all the rage right now, but I’ll confess I didn’t read it, I merely flipped through the pages for quick tips while I was waiting for my kids to finish up at Barnes and Noble. However, that page flipping was worth it because now I know the secret to folding shirts and our dresser drawers are remarkably more orderly. Google this, if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

My son’s shirt drawer. Dreamy…

I started a super simple meditation/breathing practice with my daughter in the morning. I don’t know if she’s getting as much out of it as I am, but it’s really helping me relax and remain calm during the craziness of getting everyone out the door. If we stick with this, I’ll write about it and share what we’re doing. We’re on week three and I’ve been yelling less… need I say more?

Are you doing anything that’s helping daily life run a bit more smoothly? Are you hiding the perfect tea flavor from me? If so, spill it. That’s what I’m here for.

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Simple things that are helping me get through the day