Weekend Thoughts:

  • What’s your spiritual gift(s)? I know people who have used their spiritual gifts in amazing and unexpected ways. Cake baking, reading and caring for children, photography, we don’t necessarily think of these things as spiritual gifts, but any talent or gift can be used for a higher purpose… let that settle in because it’s pretty amazing when the two collide.

Not sure what your spiritual gifts are? Find an online assessment or strengths finder tool. But I bet you know in your heart what your gifts are (wink)

  • Do you need a change of scenery? January is such a looong month. This week I sat myself down at a new coffee shop to write. It took a lot longer to drive there, but I just needed a change of scenery. Frustration can settle in so quickly. Perhaps a change of scenery is a tool we can all use to help us break up the cold winter months?
  • Use it up. Recently, I discovered some old (and still cool) notecards with my name on them. What was I saving these for? Who knows… but in the advent of email, I had to place them right out in front. I’m gaining some traction on my 2016 goals – I’m using them up rather than letting them collect dust.

Happy Weekend!




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