A cold day = waffles

Yesterday’s high was 7 degrees. I’m no weather professional, but if I had to characterize the day, it would be: miserably, painfully, spitefully cold. Did you know weather can be mean? It can. It can be really mean.

So to help brighten our morning, I decided we needed waffles. Trader Joe’s makes a great gluten free buttermilk pancake and waffle mix. Cooking (and preparation) is a skill the kids are working on and they are definitely open to taking on more responsibilities, provided I remember to slow down and include them.


Luckily, waffles are just the kind of thing my staff, er, children are working on making by themselves. They really want to use the waffle iron, but I get nervous about the kids burning themselves, so that part was more of an assist than a do it yourself situation.

However, I provided the box of mix, the eggs, measuring cup, and a whisk and came back to a batter ready pour without much involvement. My thought was to make the entire box and then freeze waffles for breakfast. Batch cooking/make ahead cooking isn’t my strength, so I love it when it actually occurs to me.


For the first time, I added two scoops of vanilla pea protein to the batter and crossed my fingers that the mix wouldn’t be too dry or off tasting. Yet one more effort to incorporate more protein in our mornings.

Happily, the batter worked great and the waffles were a delicious success. I’ve got two plastic bags in the freezer now, which I can pull out for the ultimate I-am-the-greatest-breakfast-provider-in-the-world moment.

Are my expectations too high? Apologies. It’s the cold getting to my brain.


A cold day = waffles

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