End of the Week Thoughts:

This week we had some snow, nothing major, just enough to be pretty. As I was getting into my car I saw the big fat snowflakes falling individually on my black paint. You could see each crystalline structure with all its delicate details. I’m not sure I’ve seen that up close before, just in photographs. Or is it that I just never bothered to take notice? It made me pause. What else have I not noticed over the last 40 years?

While listening to my six-year-old and his buddy playing a game on the iPad, I heard them both agree that Friends are way better than Money. I do not know what prompted this because I swear to you the preceding conversation was about next year’s Halloween costumes (ideas included minions, Indiana Jones, and a piece of cheese). However, it made me smile… They hear us.  Our words and examples sink into their little minds and then find their way out at random times.

Thursday morning we received the gift of a 35 degree day. A friend and I took a walk at our local arboretum, catching up and breathing in the gorgeous morning air. We both agreed what a difference in perspective we have right now. To some this temperature may feel freezing cold, but after highs of five degrees earlier in the week, it was practically tropical. I felt so lucky to have the morning free to just soak in the outside world. Made me realize I need to block out time when the weather is nice to just get outside. I need to schedule it like an appointment.

Have a good weekend!





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