Hard boiled

IMGP6682.JPGDespite the fact that I try not to keep too much extra stuff in my kitchen, I’m kinda obsessed with my latest gadget.

A hard boiled egg cooker.

Yeah, I bought into all the hype, but before you protest the absurdity of the purchase, let me make my case. First, I don’t think I’ve EVER successfully hard boiled an egg. I always end up losing half the egg white when I pull off the shell. And it has a very loud built in timer. This would be another reason I can’t seem to cook an egg – I never get the timing correct.

I can make eggs so easily with this contraption that we’ve already started eating more each week.

Now I know that there are a million tutorials for how to correctly hard boil an egg, but I know when I’ve been beat. Eggs – 42, Maggie – 0.

BUT NO MORE! I’ve consumed so many more eggs in the past couple of weeks (which is good for us because my kids will eat them and it’s an easy way to add protein to their breakfast) that I’m now a convert.

Until the thing breaks.

Do you think I’m insane? Do you have something else you love, but know others may find it ridiculous? Do tell…

Hard boiled

2 thoughts on “Hard boiled

  1. cattlemansclub says:

    Wow, I have never heard of this thing! How does it make the peeling easier??? I have no problems hard boiling eggs, but yeah, the peeling doesn’t always go according to plan, and I feel like I’ve tried many different tricks.


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